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slowLiterature supports active literature enthusiasts and innovators around text-based content – wherever they are in the world.

We do this mainly through sponsoring select Meetup Groups and Writers' Associations, establishing close personal links with Group Organisers.

If you would like sponsorship for your Group or Association, get in touch with us at [email protected] to discuss.


What We Offer: The Basics
Group members receive a 10% discount on our MONTHLY subscription fees or a 5% discount on our YEARLY subscription.

We contribute a further 10% of your group’s subscriptions towards the on-going costs of sustaining your group.

We provide 1 free 3-month-subscription to a randomly selected Group Member.
In Exchange
In exchange for this sponsorship, your Meetup Group agrees to credit slowLiterature, including:
  • logo, link, and discount code in your Meetup page’s Sponsors section (we provide the image and link)
  • logo, link, and discount code in your regular Meetup Event listings
  • a one-off email for 'Announcement of New Sponsor’ to members at the start of the sponsorship
We also encourage:
  • verbal acknowledgment of our sponsorship at the event/meetup from the host
  • occasional mention in social media posts, as appropriate
Beyond the Basics
Beyond a basic presence as a sponsor, we seek to be really useful to the group. Sometimes, our sponsorships work as a starting point for deeper synergies between group members and the kind of 'inspirational tools' we are building around the crafts of Creative Writing and Augmented Reading.

This can involve joint activities such as webinars; open calls for authors to be featured in our international slowLiterature episodes (royalties apply); distributed, collaborative spoken-word production; remote recording sessions, etc. In this regard, we are always open to suggestions and collaboration proposals coming from organisers or group members.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any suggestions or ideas for collaboration.
Open Calls for Meetup Writers
Writers' Groups also benefit from our Open Calls to have their work featured internationally for a whole month of slowLiterature.

As with any other text, the selected work will receive the full slowLiterature treatment. After careful analysis and preparation of the text, the writer will be invited to participate in the audio recording of their work, if they wish. We will then realise the full material across cutting-edge 3D audio, multiscreen visuals and the interplay between the two.

License Agreement and Royalties apply.
How It Works
slowLiterature will provide your group with a unique discount code to share with group members. This code will be valid on both our Monthly and Yearly Subscription Order Form pages.

This unique code allows us to simply track the number of subscriptions we receive from your group. slowLiterature will pay 10% of those subscriptions to the Organiser on a monthly basis.

The free 3-month-subscription will be announced as part of the New Sponsor communication to your Group.
Sponsorship Kit
Initial set-up takes as little as 10-15 minutes. Get in touch for a personalised Sponsorship Kit including easy set-up instructions, information, logos and the unique discount code for your group.
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